Dance Masters Fight an Army? – LSL’s Comic Book Story

September 8, 2013

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“Hidden within the practice of
Art, Music and Dance…
They discovered a

In a time after War and fallen cities…
Imperial Japan, the new dictating rules of countries,
lead in rebuilding our post-apocalyptic world.

But where Giving with one hand,
They are Taking away with another.

Hidden within the practice of Art, Music and Dance…
They discovered passed down from ancients,
hidden within an expressive human body.

Fearing a rebellion Imperial Japan have
forbidden all culture and practices.
Now all we have left is survival.

Our last hope is in one sanctuary that vows
to liberate all which has been forbidden.
And return hope to those who have lost their spirit…

This sanctuary is know as the Lost Spirit Lounge.

Dance wear Lost Spirit Lounge Stand Out Comic

Mission 1: Reoccupy the Royal Albert

In the fallen City of London, A battle scarred Royal Albert building stands battle scarred and off limits by the new dictatorship, Imperial Japan. In a rebellion act of freedom, the Lost Spirit Lounge sends out a combat team of 5 heroic Dance Masters to reoccupy the lost building.

An unexpected company of 200 Imperial Japan’s soldiers are lying in wait to ambush the freedom fighters. Including a mysterious Dance trained woman who seems to also possess the mysterious power of the ancients.

Who is this woman? Is there a traitor in the midst?

Dance wear Lost Spirit Lounge Stand Out Comic

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