Lost Spirit Lounge Dancewear

About the Lost Spirit Lounge

Lost Spirit Lounge aspire to be a world class brand providing Industrial Urban style Dance Wear and Casual Wear.

Our Dance Wear is aimed at Dancers, Fans of Dance and fashionable individuals.

We aim to provide the spirit of dance from many genres of dance and express this spirit through the clothing. We will go through any lengths to convey the spirit of dance and there’s no many limitations to what we’ll design and provide in our next collections.

Our Vision in 6 Points, and why You should Care

There’s a lot of things that we see happening in the world. A lot of things that we feel we can contribute ourselves through our art, fashion and concept. These are some of the main points and how they could relate to you:

1. Building a Team / Family

We intend to build a world wide family which shares our vision and intend to change the world by changing ourselves. Lost Spirit Lounge isn’t only a Dance Wear clothing brand, we intend to educate through entertainment and fun activities. Hybrid Retail Shops mixed with Dance Studios, Exhibitions, Interactive Events and Dance Shows across the world is our ultimate goal.

2. Bonding our World together through Dance

Isn’t it interesting, that no matter which country or culture that we look at, they have their own original style of Dance. From Africa’s  Ndlamu stamping Dance to Japan’s  Kyomai story telling Dance. Even babies who have no experience of the world, can hear music playing and begin to bop and groove to the beat. There’s an intrinsic bond to music and dance which is a part of being human. Through this realisation, we believe that we can make neutral understandings through communities, nations and countries. What does it take to understand another person’s favourite song?

3. Where’s it all come from? Origins and history of Dance

When we understand where it came from, we can see where we can take it next. Did you know that Ballet originated it Italy’s Renaissance Courts in the 1500’s for Nobles then it was adopted by the French? In fact, the word Ballet comes from the word  balletto or Ballo which means “To dance”.
With this in mind, where can we take our next shows? How can we relate it to the next generations?

4. Our Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy and Dance

Did you know that the state of our mental thoughts effect our physical performance? This is why sports players have their prep talks before a game, boxers think only of the victory and knocking the other guy out. There’s a bond between Mind and Body, the Spirit however, is the purpose we have in our lives, what are we best at? We encourage us to look inwards at these points.

5. Empowering You to ‘Be Higher, Bolder and Inspire’

Giving Dancers and other people surrounding the power to be the best they can be, makes us happy too, it gives us all a much more pleasant world to live in where we can create amazing things!
We constantly find ways to provide Dancers to get passed their weaknesses and improve themselves, we’ve often seen that lack of self esteem and self confidence is a problem, therefore we aim through the messages in our clothing and branding to motivate Dancers to aim Higher on their path, be Bolder and courageous n their actions and to Inspire all which have the honour of witnessing their amazing abilities.

Dance - Opportunity Dancewear

6. Have fun

What’s the point in a Business which isn’t fun? We don’t feel like we’re working, we’re doing what we love; Shared Creativity and Empowering Others. No matter what we do, we’ll make sure that these are our focus. Because we know that, when we’re having fun, we’re happy, when we’re happy we’ll create the amazing things for you.